Cub Campers

Australia’s most popular flip top camper since 1968
Originally started as a box trailer business in 1968, Cub Campers has been in the camper trailer business for over 50 years and is the longest running Australian-Made Camper Trailer manufacturer in the country. In that time, they have gained the knowledge and experience to build camper trailers to suit the harshest conditions the outback can throw at them. Standing proudly behind Australian manufacturing, Cub Campers are made from 100% Australian, 100% Australian canvas and are built from the ground up in their factory in North Rocks, NSW.

Before they are released into the world, every Cub model is put to the test. In order to provide customers with peace of mind, every Cub model has its suspension, severe angle, corrugation, ground clearance, and chassis twisting, rigorously tested. These tests are all backed up by a robust warranty that applies to all Cub models.

All Cub camper trailers come with an Ezy-Wind system that requires only one person to set up or pack away the camper. This minimises the time between arriving at camp and kicking back, to relax next to the campfire.

Cub also takes into consideration your car’s pulling capabilities and fuel efficiency. Cub is proud to build their camper trailers with emphasis on R&D and innovation, with TARE and Ball Weight as key considerations, in every design.

Cub Campers are exceptionally easy to set up, light to tow, tough as nails, and packed with standard features for a fantastic ride and unmatched comfort.

All in the family

Cub Campers was the brainchild of JK Fagan, who began manufacturing box trailers in 1968. He was soon joined by his son Roger, and the Cub camper trailer was born. Roger’s son Shane now owns the business and continues to oversee and improve the manufacturing processes of the factory.

Innovation & Reliability

One of the reasons the Cub Camper trailer have proven to be so popular over the years is their reliability and consistent performance. All camper trailers are made using monocoque construction, which makes them incredibly durable and tough. In addition, Cub camper trailers are renowned for their light ball weight, which makes the camper trailer experience accessible for even small car owners.

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