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Buying a caravan, having it serviced or purchasing related goods are legitimate reasons to travel within Victoria, says Rob Lucas, CIA VIC CEO, under the state’s COVID-19 Directions.

The industry body sought clarification on ‘Restricted Activity Directions’ and how it impacts buyers engaging with the caravan and camping industry, receiving confirmation from the Health and Economic Departments this week.

Victoria customers can also access home delivery services offered by caravan and camping industry members in keeping with social distancing restrictions.

Advantage Caravan Repairs

Advantage Caravan Repairs. Servicing your van is, rightfully, deemed a necessary and acceptable reason to travel in Victoria.



You’ll still need to practise social distancing while visiting dealer showrooms and service centres, entering only if numbers permit and following the outlet’s mandatory signage, per Victoria’s COVID-19 Directions.

This, combined with state-sanctioned cleaning protocols, will help to minimise your risk when visiting your local caravan dealership and camping service centre.


Buying a caravan, a legitimate reason to travel in Victoria, confirms CIA VIC
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